How to Check the Age of Your Hot Water Tank

Hot water tank information plate

Heater Identification Label

Water heaters have an identification label which shows the date of manufacture. If the label is not legible, then a physical inspection of the anode as well as a water discolouration check is the only way to determine the condition of your heater and whether replacement of the anode will be beneficial. The following table details the location of the identification label for the majority of models currently in service.

Location of Hot Water Tank Label

Make Type Location
Rheem cylindrical gas & electric On the right hand side, approx 8cm down from top
  external gas (all models) On the inside of the pilot light cover plate
Vulcan cylindrical electric Top left, above the hot water outlet
  external gas (from 1995) On the inside of the pilot light cover plate
  external gas (pre 1995) No date of manufacture shown
Hardie Dux cylindrical electric In the middle of the heater at the front
  rectangular electric Bottom left above the element cover plate
  external gas Bottom left next to the pilot light cover plate
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